Sifu is no longer available for public use.
It is now exclusively used for developing Alchemy, an enterprise-grade SaaS platform for the specialty chemicals industry.

Build applications directly out of specifications

Develop Spring Boot and AngularJS based applications through specifications with full control of the generated code.

Why Sifu?


Write specs in a tailor-made language – with a core focus on software design instead of implementation.

Validation and processing

Rest assured that your specification is up to standard all the time with Sifu’s high-level checks and validations.


The code Sifu delivers is as if you’ve written it yourself. No extras!


Sifu supports you throughout the whole development cycle, allowing seamless integration between custom and generated code.

No lock-in

Full control of the source code. No lock-ins, no platforms and unmistakably not a framework. No strings attached!

You own the code at the end of the day.



"The code Sifu makes is really finely structured – if I’d see code like that at work, I’d be screaming from joy!"

Aki Salmi Software craftsman

"With Sifu we waste zero time. It takes care of the grunt work for us and allows us to go straight to implementing the business logic in our projects. Sifu is just amazing!"

Ivan Kovačević Co-founder at Codemind

"Sifu turned what would be hours and hours of tedious work, into something enjoyable. Thanks to Sifu we now quickly iterate ideas, validate them and proceed with development more efficiently. Kudos!"

Nemanja Maksimović CTO at WolkAbout

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