Sifu is no longer available for public use.
It is now exclusively used for developing Alchemy, an enterprise-grade SaaS platform for the specialty chemicals industry.

Easy to use tool equals easy to grasp pricing

Start using Sifu for open source projects for free – now. Sifu has a full feature-set both in paid and community editions.


Free for open source projects and non-commercial private uses.

  • Unlimited generations,
  • Unlimited collaborators,
  • Support through documentation and the community.
$/ year

Great for individuals working on commercial projects.

  • Unlimited generations,
  • Licence is fixed per one user,
  • Support from Sifu’s core engineering team.
$$/ year

Best for companies building commercial software.

  • Unlimited generations,
  • Floating licence, per seat licences for up to 5 users,
  • Priority support from Sifu’s engineering team.

Sifu is 100% free for Open Source, forever.


Can I change my plan anytime?

Of course you can! Just go to the billing page inside the account dashboard. If you change your plan mid-month, we'll prorate the cost.

What does 'per seat' mean?

Each member of your Organization occupies one 'seat'. You can add up to 5 users and manage who occupies those 5 seats in your Organization’s account dashboard.

Special pricing for non-profits?

Short answer, yes. To qualify, an organization must be non‑government, non‑academic and is required to send a proof that verifies its non-profit status.

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