Sifu is no longer available for public use.
It is now exclusively used for developing Alchemy, an enterprise-grade SaaS platform for the specialty chemicals industry.

Make your application go from zero to awesome in no time

Specification language capable of describing any client–server application, an advanced generator with customizable code templates.

Core benefits

Faster development

Get high-quality source code in a fraction of the time, the way you want it — the way you would write it.

Cut down on testing time

With Sifu there is less chance for human error, meaning less time spent testing. Sifu even sets up your development, build and deployment environment.

Less to manage

Reduce project management time, team management time and client management time, thanks to the unique workflow processes gained using Sifu.

Better team collaboration

It’s far easier for a team to collaborate having an overview of the whole project written in only a few hundred lines of specifications instead of tens of thousands lines of code.

Specification language

Sifu specifications are our take on creating a software design specification language capable of describing any client–server application.

Most of the systems have the same, repetitive, patterns underneath their surface. We've selected the components of those patterns and used them to create Sifu specification language.

Adding a compiler and a generator to the mix Sifu becomes a rugged rapid development tool for client–server applications.

Validation and processing

Before specifications are converted into an application model, ready for code generation, a strict validation has to be done to check the application model.

Sifu will prompt you after an unsuccessful validation with a set of validation errors and tips on how to fix them.

After specifications convert into the application model, Sifu will further enrich that data model with more components.


The specification model passes to the generator – creating the source files based on the model, centred on the tech stack of the user’s choice.

All of the standards, conventions, and best practices are implemented while generating code for the preferred tech stack.

The result of the generation is a fully configured project with all of its source code implemented – as if an experienced developer had written it, ready to be further extended.


Sifu is designed so that generated and customly written code 'live' happily side by side, making it possible to use Sifu during the whole development cycle.

Sifu is made to behave as a standalone developer that is committing to its own branch, being able to pull the changes to the development branch at any time.

This way all of the generated code can be changed, added upon and customized at any time without fear of being overrun.

No lock-in

Sifu does not leave any hooks in files and the code you get is not dependent on Sifu in any way. The project you generate is always a standalone and will never depend on Sifu.

You own the code and you are free to use it and manipulate it however you want and think is best.

Save at least 30% of development time

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Technology stack independent

Sifu templates are used to generate code on the stack that’s yours. We don’t expect you to do all the hard work. With our templates and your specifications you get squeaky clean code.

Lower maintenance costs

With Sifu there is less chance for human error, meaning less time spent on testing. Write specification once and tweak it as you iterate the product. As your products evolve so does your Sifu specification.

Core engineering team support

With Sifu you get premium class support. Our core engineering team is only a click away and is always here to help you out.

Sifu Atom plugin

Writing Sifu specifications is much smoother with real-time validations and syntax highlighting. The plugin is designed to make transforming specifications into code easier.

Development, build or deployment environment out of the box

Never waste your time again on setting up development, build or deployment environment. Get it all neatly packaged in Docker containers. Just sit down and make the best application possible.

Life's too short for bad software!

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